An Ode To A Genius Who Was – Stephen Hawking

“Why?” – Does the word ring a bell? Well, maybe not, since not many of us have often looked at this word in the deeper sense and probably never tried to discover the essence behind it. But one man did and he found the answers and gave us theories to which we react with awe till date. Theories galore in an embellished career of brilliance along with witty dry humor much suitable to men of letters, very lively, interested in classical music and science fiction, he grew up to be a genius in the field of sciences and education.

He preferred to call himself a scientist first, a science writer second, and in all the ways that it mattered, a human being last. Yes, we are speaking of the genius who was named Stephen William Hawking, universally known as Stephen Hawking, whom we have seen through our growing years talking of theories with absolute elan and grace, as someone who did not mince his words to disagree with something if he really did.

Hawking’s influence on education has been a tremendous one, something at par with the Shakespearean influence on English Language, of which the most popular belief was the double superlative, as Shakespeare put it through Lady Macbeth, “This is the most unkindest cut of all.” His theories of Hawking Radiation have been popular for years and will be spoken of in the years to come, along with other theories like Cosmological Inflation, N=8 Supergravity, etc., many of which decreed the violation of the fundamental tenet of quantum mechanics and have led to years of debate.

Science has progressed, yes, but of course with someone like Stephen Hawking it has progressed in leaps and bounds and will continue doing so. Albeit we will miss someone like him dearly in a way that the question “why” may come up rarely against popular theories in the future. Education which encompasses Humanities, Sciences, Creative Arts, have benefited from individuals who question things with confidence and something close to brashness that exuded the belligerence of the individuals and makes us seek answers from within and without, with the singular approach that we may find the answers to their “whys”.

And that is the reason, I guess, we will never lose our perspective of the big question in everything we do in life, and we will never lose our awe for a man who we lost today, the 14th of March 2018. I still ponder when I think of the single word “Why” hanging on a board outside his offices at the University of Cambridge Why did we lose him? The answer to that I do not know and I wouldn’t imagine him knowing it either.

Mr. Stephen Hawking, here’s to you, for today, and for years to come. Your theories in science thrilled, your writing chilled, and your death saddened our hearts.

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Maine is home to  42  Private and public universities and colleges dealing with online and on-campus programs for students looking to go back to school. They offer a wide array of courses which include: Associate’s degree,bachelor’s degree, doctor’s degree – research scholarship, doctor’s degree – professional practice, master’s degree, and numerous other certificate courses. Some of the Top Universities located in Maine are University of Maine, University of New England, Southern Maine Community College

What you should consider while considering higher education?

The right degree courses pay themselves off. Students considering whether to take on huge education loans are continuously instructed that higher studies is the gateway to the middle income group. The reality is as Barack Obama hinted while he stated in January that “folks could make loads more” with the aid of learning a trade “than with a degree in art history”. An irate professor of art history pressured him to apologize, however he was correct.

University graduates between 25 to 32 years of age that are working full-time earn approximately $17,500 more annually than their colleagues with a high school degree; in line with an analysis by the Pew Research Centre. However, not all degree levels are similarly beneficial. Given how a residential 4-year program is priced, one can be set back by as much as $60,000 a year. And as is often the case, many college students tend to be worse off than if they had to have commenced working at the age of 18.

Unsurprisingly, engineering is a great bet at any place you study it. An engineering graduate from the University of California, Berkeley can anticipate to be almost $1.1m better off after two decades than a person who had not attended college. Even the least rewarding engineering programs generated a 20-year go back of just about $500,000.

Arts and humanities programs are more varied. While most nourish the soul, few promise a fat wallet. An arts program from a rigorous college such as the University of Columbia or the University of California, San Diego would pay off handsomely. However, an arts graduate from a smaller, lower ranked college could make $147,000 less over a period of two decades than an associate college graduate, after paying off the tuition. Of the 153 arts programs within the study, 46 generated a ROI (Return on Investment) worse than plonking the cash in 20-year treasury bills. Out of these, 18 offered returns worse than zero.

Schools that rank badly will argue that Pay Scale’s scores are primarily based on incredibly small numbers of graduates from every institution. A few schools are unfairly hit by the local job marketplace. Universities that went about serving all will find it a challenge to compete with selective establishments. And schools with smaller budgets will appear worse than wealthy ones that provide plenty of monetary resources, considering that decreasing the value of a degree increases its return.

A majority of these caveats are genuine. However, the Pay Scale study overstates the monetary cost of a university education. It does not compare graduates’ income to what they could have earned had they skipped college altogether.  It compares their earnings to the ones who did not study in college—a lot of whom did not pass due to the fact that they were not intellectually cut out to get in. As a consequence, a number of the premiums that graduates earn virtually displays the reality that they’re, on average, more smart than non-graduates.

This is an exaggeration: college students enrolling this year who will have cleared off their debt in twenty years. However, the burden remains heavy for a lot of the students. It does not help that almost a third of the people who take out such loans ultimately drop out of university; they need to nonetheless pay off the money owed. A third switch to special colleges. Many 4-12 months programs drag on longer, and end up going up in price. Typically, the six-yr program fee for four-year institutions is just 59%.

As Americans begin to recognize to what extent a terrible choice can harm them, they’ll call for more transparency. A few colleges are offering it, on pressure from the federal authorities. For instance, the University of Texas just released an Internet site displaying how much its graduates earn and owe after 5 years. For all their flaws, research like Pay Scale’s helps would-be students (and their families) to make more knowledgeable decisions regarding schools and colleges for higher education.



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Since all classes are on the web, understudies can login from anyplace. Date-books may not be as stringent when taking lessons on the web. Understudies can tackle and do assignments when they are readied and at their own particular pace. In a couple of online higher education courses, understudies are not permitted to take elective classes unless required by their major. This grants understudies to center in on and think particularly what they need to acknowledge for their business. For a few understudies who need to learn data appropriate to their major, online degree courses work fantastic as this technique will save time and help understudies get their degree rapidly.

The USA remains the world’s most notable goal for overall understudies. Schools in the US overwhelm the world rankings and the country additionally offers an assortment of study territories. State University structures are somewhat financed by state governments, and may have various grounds spread around the state, with a colossal number of understudies.

Online professional education courses are best decision for involved people who need to secure a degree, yet think that its difficult to fit settled class arranges into their lives. The versatility of having the ability to work school into your life as opposed to endeavoring to organize life around school makes getting on the web professional education doable for some non-customary understudies.

Alternate favorable circumstances of online advanced education courses are:

1. Most courses laid out especially to work individuals

2. Go to class according to your benefit

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4. Round the clock access to coursework

5. No drive forward and backward to school (saves time, exertion and cash)

6. Businesses build up a propensity to bolster the representative preparing that doesn’t interfere with work schedules

7. Contingent on class weight, can complete degree rapidly

8. Access to monetary guide programs

9. Ability to extend your winning potential through cutting edge training

10. With online masters degree courses, understudies have the adaptability to complete coursework at whatever time or night, from any area