top-sliderWhile you might be sure about the kind of degree you wish to pursue, and the field in which you wish to do so, it is our goal to provide resources that allow you to explore, compare, and constantly be informed with regards to the variety of options available to you. We also continuously strive to aid you in deciding the best course and school that fit your aspirations.

There are several services available across the internet that help students in getting connected with universities. However, we here at Find Me A School ensure that you are not just connected but also aided in understanding your opportunities and narrowing down the courses that are best tailored to your needs and goals. While the most popular courses in the educational world may seem more attractive to prospective students, they are not always the best fit. We seek to guide you to that right fit through the careful consideration of a large array of opportunities instead of just a few colleges in concentrated geographical areas.

Our algorithm is designed to narrow down colleges for you in your regions of choice, in your related fields of interest, and to your degree of interest. Our advisors ensure that interested students are immediately contacted and we make every effort to reduce the time it takes between the moment you register with us and the first phone call from our advisor. We understand that time is a valued commodity by all students and ensure that our services are respectful of your time.

We also have connections with institutes that offer specific degree programs for working professionals who wish to continue their current career while attending classes. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and promise to work diligently to meet the highest of standards in order to bring satisfaction to the students who choose us.


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