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An academic degree is the globally used standard for recognition of completion of a particular course of studies at a school or university. There are different levels of degrees with each level carrying different significance across different fields. The most common degree is the Bachelor’s degree which in several countries around the world, has become a pre-requisite in order to land a good job. The significance of each degree level varies slightly across different subjects and fields, however, broadly open up similar types of opportunities. It is important to note that degrees attained through online education also merit great respect from potential employers and in several fields carry as much significance as a degree attained through an on-campus course. The four most common types of degrees are—Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral (PhD). Students can also take up certificate courses in different fields. While these certificates cannot be considered as full degrees, they certify a particular skill in a student that can be attractive to potential employers.

Let’s look at the significance of each degree level across five of the most common fields of profession—Law, Business, Medical and Healthcare, Arts, and Engineering.


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